Welcome to wonderstrange arts, where we offer wall art from the sweet to the surreal, sculpture from clay to crochet, and upcycled creations from custom salt and pepper shakers to rock ’em sock ’em organization.  We welcome commissions, personalization, and musical requests!

Welcome to 2013!  We’re all relieved that the world didn’t end in a fiery explosion in December.  Phew!

This week has been a busy one, as usual.  Ann designed some crazy awesome Addams Family dolls, finished off a commission for Jack Skellington and Sally dolls, and moved all of her crochet patterns to our Etsy shop.  She also posted these HILARIOUS free digital stamps on Tuesday for your card-making pleasure:

The Addams Family - Close Up  Killer Whale_wonderstrange  Embarrassing Grandmas_wonderstrange

Cindy took over tutorial duties this week and taught us all the basics on drawing hair.  Check out these teaser photos and then go check out the real deal!

IMG_1745    IMG_1746  IMG_1752

In late 2012, Sarah decided that she was going to use 2013 to improve her painting chops by completing 300 paintings.  As of this very minute (at 5:14 p.m. on 1/11/2013), she has two done with two more very nearing completion.

The project page will be continually updated as each painting is completed, so go cheer her on!