1. shuckclod

    Sarah I have never seen anything so f-in cute. Those are the greatest. I love pickles, all kinds. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. The twists and turns in this post! First, a strange German pickle innuendo ornament tradition. Then, a hoax! Hypotheses, theories and the pondering of Hungarian rumors! Bizarre rites involving an aluminum foil ball. Unusual Japanese food fetishes. Musings on the aesthetic appeal of an anorexic pickle. The revelation that pickles have necks! Conjecture! If it were a book, I could hardly put it down.

    It is really a terrific pickle tutorial (Say five times fast TERRIFICPICKLETUTORIAL). Though, I might personally go for somewhat less strictness of color. Or, hold it. I think you've done the only reasonable thing! (An orange one would look like a carrot. A purple one would look like an eggplant. A yellow one-squash. Black one-smoker's lung.) I take it back. Green is just right!

    Their faces are hilarious and totally muppet! And their portraits with captions… priceless! 😀

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