1. Cindy Jo

    Amy, I will be excited to see your spin on it!

    Lilli, give it a go. It is pretty satisfying to have the wet mess turn in to something pretty.

  2. Russell

    I am definitely going to give this a try when I get a chance. Very cool technique.

  3. I love the technique and love you for posting it, but I love this most of all: "the awesome idea you are gonna get tomorrow when she sneaks back home wearing last evening’s eyeliner and borrowed sweatpants"

    That trampy muse!

    • Jazmen

      lol i agree but i am just so so busy in my day sorry i like adding another so idk know why lol force of habbit

  4. Jazmen

    O.M.G so so cool i wish i could do that exept i am not that artsy but i would like to grow up to be an artist someday.

    thanks for reading BYE guys

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