Guest Artist Gala: Free Digis

This year was our third year of making 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored, and just between us weirdos, we fell a little behind.  So!  We asked some of our very favorite artists to help out with the last 25 or so items on the list, and WOW, did they come through!  Wait until you see these babies!


SL Scheibe

First up is our abundantly talented friend Sal Scheibe, a graphic designer and illustrator from Ontario, Canada who shares our love for the strange and twisted.  From our 100 Things to Draw list, she tackled “Gladiator Mascara” (#100), “Runaway Bride” (#55), and “Zombie Head Games” (#82):



Feeling inspired, she added “You’re Not Leaving the House in That” (#51), which totally cracked us up:


#49: Awkward Proposal (sooooo awkward)


And finally, for her grand finale, she drew #53: Disney-Inspired Drag Princesses:

SLScheibe_DragInspiredDisneyPrincessesAnd in case you’re having trouble visualizing the drag part, she even showed you how it looks with drag-a-licious color:


You can find more of SL Scheibe’s super cool line art for sale in her Etsy shop, and you should probably follow her amazing blog,


Joe Cope

Next up is a man we always claim to be stalking, even though we’re not really.  (Seriously, we always stay on his neighbor’s side of property line.  That one time when Sarah tripped doesn’t even count.)

Joe Cope is a professor, as well as an artist, and he has the most wonderfully dark and dazzling things living inside his head.  Here are his takes on The Four Kittens of the Apocalypse (#92), Cupid vs. Krampus (#72), If electrons were sure, but not positive (#95), and the Sin of Pride (#75):


Four Kittens of the Apocalypse_Joe Cope


Krampus v Cupid - Joe Cope


Sin of Pride_outofjoeshead

Joe’s art is all over our houses, and it can be all over yours, too, if you check out his Etsy shop.   You can also follow his progress on his excellent blog:


Jamal Hansen / BurningThirteen

Our friend Jamal Hansen not only did some drawing for us, but he also wrote his own bit!  Woo!  Jamal rocks!  And he says . . .


First of all I would like to thank the women of the ‘Strange for inviting me to guest draw on WonderStrange.  I had the pleasure of drawing two pictures depicting two of the Seven Deadly Sins.
I’ve always wanted to make a series of drawings depicting the Seven Deadly Sins but have never gotten around to it.  This exercise has gotten me into the swing of things and I am now two sevenths of the way through all seven mortal sins.
The first sin that I drew is greed.  The unceasing desire to own, collect and obtain more and more.  This poor soul is clearly suffering from a case of greediness.  She has returned from a deep sea expedition and as divers on expeditions are known to do (the ones that are interesting to draw anyway), she has brought back with her some of the ocean’s bounty.
Surrounding her are coins, pearls, treasure and my personal favorite, octopus tentacles.  While I can’t really fault her for wanting to take them, it all adds up to a greedy mark of death against her.

 sin-of-greed_burningthirteen-small - Test

My second drawn sin is one that tends to smell rather foul, sloth.  Sloth being synonymous with laziness.  Extreme laziness in this case.
Now I’ll admit to bouts of laziness and procrastination when it come to cleaning, but I do my best to avoid getting to the point sloth-en-ness-ness.  I don’t think that is a word, maybe it’s sloven-ly-ness?  Slothful-ality?  Were-sloth-en-ity?
I can’t seem to figure it out.  You know what I’m trying to say right?  Can you let me know?  Thanks!
Finally, here’s Cyber Stalker:
To see more of my artwork please visit my site, or like me on Facebook.

The Slumbering Herd

Our friend Cindy is a Chicagoland artist who does brilliant animals, cityscapes, ladies in elaborate dresses, and whatever else she sets her mind to!  For us, she drew #84: Get Well Soon, Dracula!


Get Well, Dracula! - The Slumbering Herd

She also drew #70, Pet Shop Boy – He’s had enough of scheming and messing around with jerks.

Pet Shop Boy by The Slumbering Herd

Cindy has quite a following on her blog, The Slumbering Herd.  The women of wonderstrange never miss a post!


 TF Balding

Our buddy TF Balding is an artist living and working in Arkansas, and she has the most delicious dark side!  We love all of her work, but her fairy tale illustrations are some of our favorites.  She drew two of the deadly sins: Gluttony and Lust.


Sin of Gluttony_TF Balding


Sin of Lust 7 Deadlies_TF Balding

Check out more of Tanya’s work at “The Creep Factor,” her Etsy shop, where she has fabulous artwork in a range of sizes, as well as great art magnets.




Our friend oddbreed is a West Coast artist whose love for two-headed girls and other circus freaks has brought us no end of happiness.  Here’s her take on “We’re Not Twins”:


 Eraserqueen Studios

Eraserqueen is an artist and a graduate student who also holds a full-time day job, quite possibly as a superhero.  We’re longtime fans (and collectors) of her work!  For us, she drew the sin of Wrath:




Get more Eraserqueen goodness at her blog:

Miss Kitten Heart

Malin is a Swedish sweetheart and one of our favorite mixed media artists.  She took Dancing With The Planets (#67) off our hands and blasted it out of the atmosphere!

Dancingwiththeplanets - Miss Kitten Heart


You can stalk her find out more about her at her blog:


Saundra is an amazing watercolor artist who rocks those paints so hard that it should be illegal.  She also rocked Baby New Year pretty hard (#68)



You can find more of her work at  Be prepared to be blown away!


Sarah finished us off this week with Bad to the Bone (#59), Sin of Envy (#75), My Favorite Darwin Award (#86) – the one where the guy swigged gasoline out of a salsa jar and then lit a cigarette, and Reasons to Avoid Children (#88).










  1. shuckclod

    Wow Ladies, so much great stuff! My favorite is the Four Kittens of the Apocalypse. With Marilyn Manson verse – When I'm GOD everyone dies. (over the top of them) I have lots to bookmark and check out, but you 3 are the best. Have a wonderful holiday. Thank you for all the great stuff.

  2. Danielle

    Wow… and thanks! What awesome creativity… I am definitely sending my sister something made with the runaway bride….. hopefully that won't be her in September. LOL! Love the 4 Kittens and Get Well Dracula also. What fun!

  3. Hot damn. So many incredible drawings here! Sarah, I adore your envy drawing. I was that kid with the carrot SO MANY TIMES growing up that I might have to go attack someone with a processed / sugary snack right . . . now.

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