1. Terry

    Oh Cindy —- THANK YOU!!!! I have been saving coffee sleeves for years, and I occasionally use them in my artwork. But this tutorial gives me some wonderful ideas on how to use them for creative gifts! And I already have the supplies needed to alter the sleeves too.

  2. sarah

    I really love that you're using the cup as the gift bag. As if the fancy sleeves weren't awesome enough! You rule, cinderpants!

  3. Just wanted to note that as an English major I appreciate your masterful avoidance of ending this sentence with a preposition: "I always use the paper sleeve with which my barista lovingly supplies me."

  4. Beth Kingery

    Cindy…..this is a great tutorial!! I as you know am a Starbucks junkie…..and I have lots of sleeves. I have made a few custom sleeves before for family and friends!! They are fun!! I also have a Chunky Album of sorts using all Starbucks sleeves as the chunky pages!!! Thanks for sharing this with me…….You so rock my dear!!! 🙂

  5. nangalambos

    So many guilt-riddled sleeve trashings come to mind. Lovely Cinders, I'm hugging you and the trees at the same time. LOVE this project. Will celebrate with a Starbucks today to get my supply built up! EXCELLENT idea!

  6. Thanks everyone! I like cheap and easy too…in my art as well as my friends! I can't wait to see everyone's take on this tutorial. Go forth and upcycle!

  7. Great idea! I once tried to stitch a bunch of sleeves from 7-11 to make a booklet but they must have been perforated or something because it just fell apart. I might try this, though.

  8. I'm digging through the trash, getting my husband's cups out, so I can start my art project. Gheez, I read further in the instructions that the person may DRINK out of this cup?! I better use scalding water to clean it out . . . 😉

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