1. Hee hee – very cool THANK YOU. That couple look like they are thinking " OMG… who the F are you ?!!!" hahahaha LoL xxxxxxxxxx

  2. HA! Too funny! Really like the nerd parade. We'd fit in 🙂

    I'm not sure about the guy in the back, the one with his head sticking up, behind The Doctor. That's the Doctor right? My nerd cred is on the line here…

    • It's supposed to be Book, but I totally understand why you can't tell. I drew him many times, but at that size, it was super hard to make clear that there was a collar under his chin, and not just space. Boo me. The line going from his ear to the Doctor's cuff is the top of his pony tail.

      And yes, that's totally the Doctor! (Or technically, a fan dressed as the Doctor.)

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