• Thanks so much, Sal! Two years ago, I made circuit sheet wallets for all the men on my list, so I had giant freezer bags filled with computer keys. I've been meaning to come up with a project for them ever since, and this one has the benefit of being fun and easy!

  1. This is genius! I'm still gathering the courage to dismantle my dead little Mac. Now I'll have a recipe book holder AND a sign to show for it. I want to keep its Frankenparts with me cuz I'm overly sentimental that way. Dammit. I love the stuff that pours out of your Big Brain!

    • Thank you so much, Ms. Nancy Ellen! I hadn't even thought about this as a way to preserve an old, beloved laptop or desk top that has been with you through good times and bad. It's great to be sentimental – and to transform things when they die into new things that you can love in whole new ways. I hope you'll share pics when you make your projects!

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