1. Ann and I are going to make some of these at our next get together, but I think I may have to make some on my own before then. I'm kinda impatient that way.

  2. I made five of these today, and it was so much fun! The first two took the longest; after that, I had my sea legs, and I was able to work much faster. If I were doing it over again, I think I would watercolor on TWO giant sheets of paper instead of just one. When I ran out of usable paper, I still wanted to make more!

  3. marguerite1997

    Like this idea, I've got a case of winter doldrums, the man is being his usual non-responsive self, the dog wants to play endless ball and then there is ME. I want to live a little, laugh a little, play with my art a little. This looks to be what I need. Thanks for sharing.

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