Easing Back In: The Return from Vacation

Being self-employed is amazing.  You can wear shorts that are three sizes too big for you.  You can answer the phone in a strange Russian-Irish accent.  You can go out for beef tacos at 10 am and make a spontaneous Goodwill run on the way home.  You can also be an obsessive, neurotic workaholic who rarely leaves the house and can’t stop working, even on a Saturday night, but hey, let’s stay positive.  Tacos.  Giant shorts.  Accents.  Being self-employed is good stuff, even when your friends start taking vacations.

Okay, people don’t so much start taking vacations as continue taking vacations, which is a perfectly normal and typical thing that adults do, usually in picturesque locations that they post about on Facebook.  Since my husband is also self-employed, our idea of a vacation is to leave the state for 24 hours on the 4th of July once every five or six years.  Again, that’s cool.  Let’s just agree, though, that it was seriously amazing for me to get to take a trip that lasted an entire week.

Now that I’ve been on vacation, I have the usual problem everyone faces, which is that it’s hard to stop indulging once you’ve started.  I want to go back.  I want to take my husband.   I want to wander the French Quarter with a to-go cup full of wine, shopping half-tipsy for giant rings and maybe some more giant rings and oh girl!  That bag!

Hedonism rocks.  And it comes with alligator sausage.


NO Alligator Sausage




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