Don’t Let’s Start

In my world, some weeks are Finishing Weeks, and some weeks are Starting Weeks.  The former, of course, are deeply satisfying, like a good steak or a good hair day or a group hug from everyone you love most in the world.  The latter, sadly, are not so satisfying.  They’re more like frozen pizza when the oven isn’t working or a group hug from Congress.


As you may have guessed, this was a starting week.  I am making egg cups, salt and pepper shakers, canvas ornaments, non-canvas ornaments, and big, big messes, but I have finished nothing.  Okay, I might have finished one ornament.


Egg Cups

ATC Camvas Ornaments

Amidst all of the chaos, I did have kind of a huge and exciting personal revelation, though.  If you want to know about that, you can check out my personal blog.

Next week will be a finishing week, so be sure to come back!



  1. You know a lot of people pay big dollars to sit in poorly lit offices with a stranger asking "How does that make you feel?" just to figure this kind of mess out. You're so clever you did it while you painted egg cups,bought new jeans and coached junior academia and narrowly avoided bone eating. I'm pretty proud of you!

  2. HAHA! You need to make more of those. That's a hilarious ornament. Holy cow do I understand the feeling of being stuck in the middle of a project. Eeek!

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