1. Connie

    Ann….that is so doggone cute……anyone would love that even if they never opened a cookbook in their life!

  2. nanner

    Dorkus Maximus Alert! Okay, I know a person should not get all sentimental over a circuit board cookbook stand. BUT, you may remember that my precious laptop finally quit on me. This awesome apple was my lifeline through some very tough times and back. I have been storing her…not wanting to donate her as e-waste…but not sure how to preserve her. THIS IS PERFECT. So, I hope to high heaven she has a circuit board. xoxo to infinity for yet another you-don't-even-get-how-much-you-rock offering, Annpants!!!

    • nanner, I love the idea of giving you a way to let your Apple laptop live on! Fingers crossed, and thanks so much for the sweet words!

  3. lillipadstudio

    I am just going to "ditto" nanner's comment even though I have never had a apple laptop, I just like the way it flows! Oh and LOVE the cookbook stand and agree that the only ones ya ever see in stores are the stupid ones!!
    (you-don't-even-get-how-much-you-rock offering, Annpants!!! )

  4. Hmmmm.. Had to take a look at this one! We just had the motherboard go on a computer. Hubby has yet to crack it open and see if it's worth fixing or not. If not, I think I see a new project in my future! Thanks for the great idea.

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