Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Ann

Are You There, Blog?

Last week, I designed this.  It’s the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  I made it for a woman in Missouri, and upon receipt, she immediately put it on her lap and watched the movie while chomping on gummy sharks, which made me happy.

USE - Low Angle

USE - Back 3-4A


Meanwhile, a woman from Montana bought the Creature from the Black Lagoon pattern (along with my pattern for Nosferatu) and asked if I’ll be making more Universal Monsters.  I told her I’d like to – which is absolutely and completely true – but I did not mention that I have 13.2 billion other things I’d like to crochet that will most likely come before Universal Monsters.  Like the cast of The Shining.  And Farscape minis.  Have I mentioned Farscape minis?  I frelling love Farscape, a wonderful sci-fi show that’s long since been cancelled.  We’ll come back to that shortly, and by “that,” I mean Farscape, because I still can’t really discuss the cancellation.

Are You There, Blog?

I designed this, too, on commission.  This involved more legwork than an Olympic synchronized swimming routine performed by twelve-legged spiders.  I’m tired.

Organizer - Empty A

From the Back A

Organizer - Staged A

Are You There, Blog?

Tonight, I ate an entire gluten-free pizza.  Sure, I accidentally skipped lunch, and it wasn’t a GIANT pizza, but still.  What am I, an NFL player?!   I’m 5’2″.  That was my caloric allotment for the month of May.

Are You There, Blog?

I am making Supernatural minis.  A woman I don’t know wrote me in the most pleading terms.  She didn’t commission Supernatural minis, mind you; she just said “Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?”  And even though I had planned to spend the entire weekend crocheting Farscape minis, suddenly I was making Supernatural minis instead.  If you want to bend me to your will, now you know the secret.  It’s the z.  And the imploring.  And the 8th superlative e.

Anyway, this woman wants her Supernatural minis really darn tiny so that she can hook them to her bag and take them to cons, and I figure if she wants them that way, others will, too.  Accordingly, my designs are very small, even smaller than my Stargate SG1 minis.

I can’t show you the whole cast yet, but I can show you Bobby and Dean.





They are pretty redonkulously cute.  I am also making Castiel, Lucifer, The Prophet Carver Edlund, and others I won’t name.  Hint: Sam is among them.


Are You There, Blog?

Even now, my 13-year-old son is waiting on me to go watch another episode of Supernatural, which I probably shouldn’t even let him see because of the gore and the sex and the planting of angelic messages in fake porn.  Tonight on the way to the grocery store, by the way, he discovered that he is growing a mustache.  He doesn’t want to grow a mustache, unless it can be – and I quote – AN AFRO MUSTACHE.

Some days, I really, really, extra love my son.

That’s all for now.  Feel free to send me requests, love notes, comments, or autographed objects from Farscape.  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?



  1. shuckclod

    13 is not too young. The internet is more harmful. He is at that strange age where hair and odors come out of no where. Key rings would be cute too… Maybe a small black cat (cute). Have a great weekend.

  2. I just watched the last episode of Farscape last night. (Thank you, Amazon Prime for bringing good shows to the woman with no cable.) I screamed, "What?!?!?!?!" at the TV. I'm still not sure the part of my brain that stopped dead in shock has started working again.

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