Dear Blog Got Sick

Dear Blog:

This week I got sick.

When I was awake, I drew some things, and I painted some things, and I tested part of a crochet pattern, but mostly I didn’t.  Do anything.  But this.

Asleep in Our Bed 2


And sometimes this.


Asleep in O's Bed


That’s my son’s bed.  Why I had to steal his bed for naps is a long, uninteresting story.  The point is this:  Why do kids get all the best sheets?

Next week, I’ll do some stuff that involves being awake, and I’ll tell you about it.  In the meantime, tell me about the sheets you have – or the sheets you wish you had.



  1. I'm so glad you're starting to feel better.. and seriously, those are some cool sheets. I have funky orange sheets and a skull-covered comforter, so I am happy with my bedding!! 😉

  2. Poor Ann! My sheets are boring and lately they get changed in the middle of the night a lot because I hate sleeping in a puddle of my own hormones…I do however have a Barbie pillowcase AND one with the signatures of a dozen Brownie scouts from my one and only camp out as a GS leader. I prefer the Barbie one.

    • Poor girl with the changing of the sheets! Someday, I want to see the Barbie pillowcase. That's sweet that all your Brownies signed one for you. <3

  3. shuckclod

    Sorry your sick 🙁 I have 400 thread count no less and no more. They are itchy when less and too disco like when more. You remember those shirts. Who took the photos? One of your little ghouls? Take care and hope you feel better quick.

    • You are so funny! Itchy sheets are seriously the worst. That's my least favorite part about cheap hotels, where I always jack the air conditioning so I can sleep in long sleeves and long pants and socks and feel as little of the sheets as possible.

      My husband took the pics. 🙂

  4. Connie

    Hi Ann. I am sorry you are not feeling well. Sleep is the best cure so I am glad you are sleeping on sheets that are out of this world. My sheets are boring navy blue but they are clean and cool. Get well soon….."May the force be with You"

    • Mmmm. Clean, cool sheets are the best.

      And even though I'm not a Lutheran or anything like it, I'll answer your "May the force be with you" and say "And also with you!"

  5. I think my brother had those very same Star Wars sheets. They would have to be from the 1970s. Or continually in production for AGES. Or just new, similar sheets. I can only report I have brown striped sheets. BUT, I do have a Powerpuff Girls pillowcase. Somewhere. To be honest, it is lost. But I am claiming credit for it regardless. 😀

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