Day of the Dead ATCs

Two years ago, in November, I made my very first catrina.  Remember how I’m always saying I like heads?  Yeah, well.  Clearly.


Los Catrina 1



Two years later, I am more comfortable making Day of the Dead schtuff, not to be confused with completely comfortable, which is reserved for activities that take place on my couch.  On Wednesday, I drew an Abraham Lincoln and a Simone de Beauvoir, here pictured with the rest of a super shushy secret Halloween package for a super shushy secret swap:


Secret Halloween 2013 for DADAology

On Thursday, meanwhile, I used some photographs of Frida Kahlo as inspiration for ATCs like this one for yet another swap:


DOTD Swap - 1

Today, it’s back to work, but I do enjoy dallying with the dead.