1. Okay, your glasses (and your hair) look ADORABLE!!!! I love them bunches.

    The pincushions, meanwhile, look insanely great. I think they need to come back and live at my house.

  2. shuckclod

    Those little monsters are so cute. How do you know about wet sheep and vinegar? Are they going in your shop?

    • Thanks, lady! I like to splash sheep with vinegar whenever possible, yanno! They will go in my shop in July if they don't sell at either show I'm doing in the next month – if you are super eager to have one, though, email me (sarah@wonderstrange.com), and I'll hook you up.

  3. What? You AND Ann with new glasses?? Why you gotta be so mean? I like the pink though! The fuzzy balls monster guys are fabulous- you'll sell those out for sure!!

  4. connie

    I love the little monster's teefies….they are SO cute. And you, my dear, are adorable in your Mother's glasses. :o)

  5. HAHA! LOVE the monsters!! Great texture & skin tones! Plus love the combination of textures! (and I love your glasses too, wish I didn't have 20/20 so I could get a cool pair. Think they'd make me look less stoopid)


    Chrissy M.

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