1. I can definitely tell what it says, although at first I thought it was supposed to be Lucifer's face.. hahaah! I do love the idjit potholder, though.

    For good lettering, Tunisian/afghan stitch is the way to go. It makes perfect little squares. There's a lady who did an entire blanket with 8-bit mario scenes using Tunisian – she made a video about the correct way to color change which I'll look up for you in a minute 😀 It's like a cross between knitting and crocheting – you use one of those long crochet hooks with the little stopper on the end. I actually really like how it looks. You just HAVE to make sure that you crochet pretty loosely or it will just roll up into a little tube (which it might do no matter what, but you can ease it out by crocheting around the edges).

    Here's a basic tunisian video:

    Here are Gege's videos on color changes – she was kind of crochet-famous for a while because of the blanket, so the first video has lots of explanations and such about the blanket itself, but she does start to crochet eventually. There's more meat in the second one.

    video one:

    video two:

    • Lucifer's face! Hahahahahaha!

      Tunisian – I should have known! I will investigate this tomorrow! Thank you so much for digging up the links for me! <3

        • Damn. That's pretty cool! I couldn't wait until tomorrow and watched a few minutes of the afghan stitch video. Then I bought hooks. Bring on the Tunisians! 😉

          • Please excuse my crochet-ignorant comment. But I did just watch the first linked Tunisian stitch tutorial and I was mesmerized. I did not expect to watch for so long. If I only had six more hours in the day. <Dramatic Sigh.>

            • hahah! It's pretty fascinating to me how a string turns into stuff. I learned to crochet from youtube and about 30 minutes a day, so you could totally do it 😀

  2. THAT is f'n AMAZING! And, if I ever see him in the street with it on (you never know, it could happen) I shall smack him a good one with my purse and snatch it for myself. Because I am waaaaaay to lazy to attempt to make one of my own. ((DROOL))

  3. The scarf is truly awesome. The "Idjit" square is totally cool! I can't help, obviously, with your worry over the floating letters. As a purely outside observer my opinion is, well, I had no idea they were added after, or floating, or whatever! Looks pretty great, and very readable, to me. However, I can totally understand how a crochet purist might have personal preferences on a wide variety of crochet issues. 😀

    • Thanks, Cindy! You are so sweet to comment on my crocheting post! I'm glad to know the letters doing look float-y to you! I don't think they did to my sister-in-law either. (I think I made her a little sad by fussing about the floatiness after giving her the potholder. Whoops.)

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