1. Cindy G.

    Oh, my! I think I might have to make one of these this weekend! And, I think I might have all of the colors of yarn (definitely if I use acrylic… I'll have to check if I use cotton). Normally, I hate wrist pincushions- they don't seem to be as easy for me to use, and I don't like things around my wrist, unless it's a watch- but for bacon & eggs, I will make an exception!

  2. Totally just learned how to Crochet yesterday, and this was my second project!

    Although making a total rookie error in my excitement, I paid no attention to the size hook needed and just used the one from my first project. I realized this at oh-dark-thirty while feeding my precious spawn and held it up to my wrist…and it nearly engulfed it. Oops. Long story short, I kept going and finished off the egg, making it a regular pincushion and now I've got to make some oatmeal raisin cookies…

    Aside from that, Brilliant idea and pattern! Love it! Thanks so much!

    • Oh Heather! You were such a good sport to keep going! I don't know what I would have done!

      It's kind of amazing what a difference hook size makes. It really doesn't seem like it should matter that much, but man, does it. When I was learning to do filet, I tried to do it without going down to the teensy-tiny hook. Bad idea. My filet crochet was like a bath towel for Barbie, and since I don't think I ever owned a Barbie, I really didn't need one of those! 😉

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