1. Fantastic! Look at you, geometrically increasing the awesomeness. All those dress details are just super fab! I will make one suggestion which you are free to ignore! I wonder if you couldn't thread in a few seed beads (yellow or gold ish in color?) on the necklace/bolero to pop it off the similar skin tone? But seriously, it really does look like a very advanced maker of knit things made that! Will you update more characters?


      Seriously, though. They are. Hahaha.

      Yeah, I know that sparkly yarn is close to the skin tone, but it's more distinct in reality. And I found some metallic yarn for next time that will pop much better. 🙂

      I will go more into detail the next time I do Marie Antoinette. Some characters demand detail; others (like, say, the Supernatural cast) wear lots of black, with a side of black.

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