Over Christmas, as I believe I mentioned, I had lots of orders for Henry VIII Pincushions and Anne Boleyn Scissor Cozies.

Henry and Anne - Feature Shot

Henry with Anne Beheaded

While making the pieces over and over (and over) ((also more))(((plus five times while hanging upside down like a bat))), I discovered one or two things about the pattern that bugged me.  I jotted a few notes, made a few refinements, and kept right on racing to keep up with Christmas, figuring that I could re-release the pattern for the new-and-improved Anne “sometime in the New Year.”

This week, for a whole host of reasons, “sometime in the New Year” turned into “now, now, very now.”  I am pleased to report, however, that after many hours of diligent work, I just sent the new-and-improved pattern to Don, my fabulously flexible and talented tester, which means the re-release is about to get real.  In the meantime, here are a couple of pics.

01 Head

Old head, which perched on the neck like a nervous little bird on a branch, nothing to hold it in place except inertia and dreams.  (This was especially true if she was simply being displayed, and not serving as a working scissor cozy.)

001 Head Final

New head, which brings its OWN neck.  (Don’t worry, though.   Decapitating her is still a breeze!)

Worried Anne

Here’s the new (not entirely accessorized) prototype, which is, on the whole, easier to crochet for about 12 different reasons. Woo. Hoo.

Stay tuned for the new photos and the official re-release.



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