1. Cute! I bet my oldest would really like this. She normally uses a piece of bailing twine she found out at her dad's house (farm country and whatnot). She calls it her 'hippie headband'. I might make her some as a surprise. Thanks for the idea. 😉

  2. Your video = the most adorable thing I've seen all week. Also, I'm jealous of your videographer husband. DAMMIT I NEED A CAMERA CREW. 😉

    SO cute. Since I'm growing my hair out and am therefore lost in the land of super annoying hair, I may have to make one! or six! Or 20!

    • Awww! Thanks for complimenting the video! I am super freaking fortunate to have Jason to shoot videos for me. He is all kinds of nice about it, too, even when I spring it on him (which is almost always what I do, because I'm nice like that).

      I hope that if you make one, it makes your hair 100% less annoying! I hate the growing stages. They take eternities.

  3. Three yarns at once! Are you mad?! So, I probably won't be doing any yarn related things in the near future. But I do like to watch your videos, and I did determine that I could probably make this thing! Which means you make good videos! I'll give Jason some credit but it's your combination of wit, charm and know-how that really makes the thing work.

    • You are so funny! And you could SO do this project. Chaining is very easy (and oddly fun), which is why some people stop there.

      Thanks for the nice words about my videos, too! Jason gets major credit, but I'll take the compliments all the same! 😀

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