1. Super cute little bag! Super super cute little flat-bottom tube bag! I'm sure I need one for… something. So glad to see you were not shy with the technical mumbo jumbo. Yes, I realize I may not be the target audience in this case! Nevertheless, it's cool to have a glimpse into arcane worlds one knows nothing about. 😀

    • You are so damn funny! That technical mumbo jumbo is more or less a pattern. In fact, I should share a pattern with you just so you can see how bad it gets. This technical mumbo jumbo aint' got nothin' on that! 😉

      Thanks for looking at it and commenting, even though you don't crochet! <3

  2. Lindsay

    Would you mind telling me which yarns you used for the red symbol? I can't seem to find anything close. Thanks!

    • Oh dear! I used Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn," but I throw away the labels (a terrible habit), which means I don't know the colors! I tried to check the HL web site, but not all of the colors are listed there.

      If you have access to a Hobby Lobby and would go there to get yarn, I will absolutely make a trip and track down the names for you. Just let me know!

  3. Svenja

    Soooo … I may be just not finding it, but how do I use one of those pattern charts to make a crochet thing? (Much eloquence tonight, as you can see.)
    So far I've only done stuff like changing colors at the end of a row if I wanted stripes. So changing colors again and again within a row is kind of intimidating. Could you point me to a tutorial that explains the process?

    • Hi Svenja! Here's a very short video that I made on reading crochet charts:

      Basically, just remember that your odd rows will always be read from right to left.

      I made a video on changing colors that you can find at this link (scroll to the bottom): https://www.wonderstrange.com/crochet-saturday-mag

      If you have questions after watching those, just holler! I'm always delighted to (try to) help!

  4. Svenja

    Thank you so much! I had found the video on changing colors, but the rest was still a bit of a blur. I'll be sure to tell you when I have a problem with something!

  5. Rachal

    These are absolutely awesome! I'm making a couple for my husband and he week love them. Thank you so much for the pattern!

  6. Tali

    i know plenty of people at my fnm who would totally love these, but i'm not willing to give them away for free. mind if i try selling them? that is with your permission and credit? if not thats totally okay and i'll just flaunt the one i'm making for myself lol 🙂

  7. Terry Schiffer

    Can't read that yellow font! Please change it to a darker color. I'd like to make a few of these for my son, grandsons, & the others that play in their group. They would just LOVE these. I am always crocheting when I am at their home & they are playing ( every Saturday ). Hopong to be able to do so.

    • Ann

      I think that font color is a function of our template, but I have labeled each link in black to make it easier to see, Terry! I hope that's a good compromise!

      Oh, man, if you make bags in their favorite colors / color combos, you will be a HERO!

  8. Allie

    Are we allowed to sell bags made from these patterns? Your graphs are some of the best ones I've seen for the MTG symbols!

  9. Wow! I loved this idea! I'm more of a amigurumi girl, but these are going to be an amazing birthday present for my friend =)
    Thank you!!

  10. Brenda

    These look great. I am trying to find a dragon design for a dice bag. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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