1. Awesomeblossoms!!! I have some cake tins left over from the recycled candlestick project. I may need a clock for the artroom…

    BTW, many wonderful vintage tins can be found on Ebay! I've bought a few lately!

    • Yes! Good point! I love the vintage tins for the darkening of the metal and the cool design elements. I lucked out and got a vintage look with the cake pan I found at Goodwill. (My pie tins, though, are all shiny and new looking.)

  2. I love this, Ann! I've never made a clock, but you make it seem very easy to upcycle vast quantities of my secondhand stash into awesome gifts . . . and i think i'm going to look for some automotive stuff to make one for my dad's and my uncle's home garages/workshops. They both are always tinkering on their restored Malibu & El Caminos, respectively, so it will be great way to make a gift that's manly and gives me an excuse to visit one of my local auto salvage yards. Thank you for the inspiration! Wonderstrange Goddesses Unite! *punches it in*

    • Oh Amy, this comment makes me so happy, first of all because it IS totally easy to upcycle all the random weird things we amass into gifts that looks chic and amazing, and second because I love the idea of adding salvaged auto bits and bobs to clocks for your dad and your uncle! It's well-night IMPOSSIBLE to come up with homemade gifts that are still manly, so you can imagine my excitement when this idea popped into my head! Have fun – and share pics!

  3. LOL@ "punches it in" Me too!
    Good point about the man gift Amy…boys are tricky sometimes but this is such a fun one to customize .

  4. Super cool!! Another, or several other things to add to my list for the Goodwill and HLobby. Oh ,and I have that same Dutch blue tin in my collection, just don't quite know where it is right now……………………….

    Carry on!

  5. this is a wonderful "manly" gift or "boy" gift . . . oh, the comic book guys and album art guys (reduced color copies of LP art? yes please!) who can finally quit wearing those nappy handmade scarves they feel obligated to utilize! lol!

  6. Great Idea! Might be the perfect present for my son, who at 29 still loves D&D and fantasy. I can really see a clock with those themes for him….

    • I don't have any clocks in my shop, Tom, but it would be so easy for you to make an Ironman clock for yourself that even if I did have clocks, I would feel a little guilty selling you one! 🙂

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