1. Cool I have the modge podge glue sticks I bought them a few months ago I have loads of molds that I can use. – wish I'd know earlier that I could just use plain old glue sticks …ahh well never mind.

  2. You are so frickity fracking clever! I want to have that eyeball ornament in the worst way. I love that since the frames are flexible, you can slice and dice them and add them wherever you want on the ball. Brilliant you are! Say so does Yoda!

  3. Holy cow I totally dig those frame molds. You could do a whole family and extended family portrait series, with a row of those, like on 4" tall but 24" wide or something, and inside each frame a tiny drawn portrait.

    Oh! Cool ornaments you made, also! 😀

  4. These look amazing! I especially love the molds. I'll have to have a look for those things and use them with a glue gun (LOL!!). Really cool ornament.

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