Greetings, Earthlings!  How are your journals coming?  What problems are you running into?  What can I do to help?  Can you come over and walk my dog so that I have more journaling time? 😉

If you’re new here, read this first.   As always, here’s the master list, and here are your prompts for this week!


  1. Check out and find out what today is.  Draw it.
  2. Use a stencil.  
  3. Illustrate a song lyric.
  4. Optional Journal52 prompt:  Create for a Cause


  1. In Art Trader Magazine issue 21, there is a HUGE list of journal prompts.  Use any of those.  Download it here.
  2. When you hear something or think something or read something that you really want to remember, WRITE IT DOWN.  Even if you do what I do:  Write it on an eyeball-shaped post-it and stick it in the spread to add later.  You won’t remember it otherwise, unless you have a crazy good memory.  I do not.  
  3. Write about your favorite thing that happened this week.


  1. Take a picture of your workdesk and label everything.
  2. Look around for three things that start with the same letter.  Take a picture of them.  
  3. Take a picture of the thing that is making you really happy right now.


  1. Use something you’ve been holding onto for more than a year.
  2. Use something you can’t stop buying.


  1. Paste in a newspaper headline
  2. Paste in something that makes you happy
  3. Print out a picture by your favorite artist, paste it in with their name and website address so that you’ll remember.

I’m still in the midst of reorganization (hopefully the final phase?  Maybe?), so I’ve decided I’m going to change up my participation and stop working a week ahead.  I’ll start these pages this week instead, and I’ll post sneak peeks on my own blog ( and instagram ( with a #chronicles_project hashtag – feel free to do the same!

And here’s your Mr. Linky!! Showmewhatchoogot!



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