1. Oh how I love these!!! Jamey looks hilarious and amazing, and I love that he's on a page with "Meat Market" in the corner (since 1950 . . . which is but a small amount of the time you have been together, obviously). I also love how you are drawing quotes from sources that inspire you. These pages will trigger such cool memories.

    That zombie painting you did is beyond incredible. I'm glad you worked it in!

    And I'm so glad I get to peek into your art journal every week and see things like your loves and your life and your daughter in a princess dress with a Spiderman mask on. <3 <3 <3

    • I showed Jamey the sketch this morning before he left, and he was obviously pleased to have made it in. 😉 I couldn't BEAR to cover up that Meat Market! I'm so glad you noticed it.. hahaha

      Isn't she the sweetest? <3

  2. So fun and wacky! I really like your printing style. Super great idea to put a print of your favorite painting!

    I have definitely gotten a numb bum from staying to read on the toilet. Not much time for reading this past year, though, dangit.

    I have only seen Season 1 of Adventuretime (Netflix) and I've probably re-watched most of them like five times. Except the ones I like less (Like Ricardio the heart guy – ooooh he makes me mad, and that little creature that leaks fluid, the Jiggler because awwwww – he's sick!). I was SO EXCITED to find a full episode while surfing Youtube recently (Blade of Grass), but it seemed Finn's voice was different.

    • Ohhhhh yeah his voice has definitely changed – that one is one of the really recent ones (like… 2nd newest?), and he's way less squeaky than he used to be! I <3 Ricardio! Mostly because he's voiced by George Takei. hahahah!

      My favorite episodes are in season 3 – The Creeps and From Bad to Worse – you should see if they're on Youtube 😀 Very good LSP moments, and she is my FAVORITE.

  3. Love this!! Mine will be up soon but I've had a lovely unexpected surprise….my little grandson Liam decided to make an early entrance, so I've been a bit preoccupied. 🙂 <3

    • Yay! Yay for powering through and liking it. 😉 Maybe you could just pick 5-7 random things off of the list at the start of each week, then you get the best of both worlds?

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