• I was so tired last night that I didn't read, but now that I have, I hope you know that I will also pipe up with that sentiment when you are 49! What else are friends for? 😀

        Also, I give you many shop hugs. Many, many, many.

  1. I thought your letter to yourself was sweet. I worry about how much I'll miss tiny Spencer when he gets older every day.

    I want to take a freak flag workshop. I've only taken a couple of workshops and I (like you) have failed to really do them, but I really like the idea of celebrating the weirder aspects of me.

    • I have survived the teenagehood of Jerod (he turns 17 next month… scary) but am REALLY worried about Drucilla and hormones for some reason. I am dreading the inevitable "I HATE YOU *stomp stomp stomp*", although I never remember saying that to my mom, so maybe I will luck out. Unless she comes and tells me I was horrible to her. I know I was unpleasant to both of my parents' sig others, but I wasn't as horrible as I could have been. hahahah Plus, she was being a total PITA when I was writing that, so I probably feel like an asshole because I was annoyed with her crawling up my butt. 😉

      I will harass you when I get it together!

      • Oh, I see, you were being sarcastic that she loves you so much she won't leave you alone. I love not being left alone right now, but I've only got one and have only been doing it for a year. I'll probably be tired and mildly sarcastically grouchy when I have 3 too.

        Even when I was hormonal I was never rebellious. I've always been obedient, so I wish that for you. Although maybe you don't want that. Obedience doesn't really foster self-sufficiency. Hmm. I'll tell you what. Since Ann is vowing to remind you of something in 10 years, I will too.

        If Druzie is rebellious in 10 years I will remind you that she's like a little bird stretching her wings but that once she learns to fly for herself she will come back and your relationship will be stronger than ever. And if she is obedient like me I will tell you that's okay too, because even obedient birds eventually leave the nest.

        I am like super cheesy cheese fries up in here.

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