1. I love your Chronicles project so much! That blind drawing face is killer, mainly because I couldn't imagine a better expression for the "If only one person lived."

    The three little dudes? Um, yeah. TEETH. *Cries* Let's just agree that you rocked those pastels.

    Every third person on my FB feed is talking about *Frozen*. Did it just come out on DVD or something? Or am I just standing outside the zeitgeist, shivering pathetically with my all-to-normal mouth?

    • heheh thank you! The pastels were fun, all loosey-goosey. I'll have to mess with them some more, maybe with more of a plan beforehand… lol

      Yeah it came out on DVD mid-March. I bought it on Amazon digital for Druzie, and she has been watching it like CRAZY. Singing every song like a true princess should. 😉

  2. happytiler

    Oh every post you do makes me SOOOO HAPPY!! I want everyone too feel this good…I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL your characters!! You are top on my list girl!! My daughter has videos on her facebook of friends children singing and dancing to Frozen. I must say I saw the piano clip on youtube long before the dvd came out and passed it on…they also have a video of how it was done…that too was so impressive! Enjoy…. it will be in your head like Mary Poppins lyrics still live in mine, for years too come!

    Hugs Giggles

    • thank you so much, giggles! It makes me so happy that it makes you so happy 😀

      It is ADORABLE watching her. She went through a Beauty and the Beast phase, but that fascination was nothing like this one – she sings all the songs and yesterday made me turn her blanket into a cape and make her a crown.. she dressed up in one of her princess dresses and made a whole afternoon of it.. haha!

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