Catching Up with the Women of Wonderstrange


Over the past several weeks, the women of Wonderstrange – also known as Sarah, Cindy, and Ann – have been striking out on such bold new adventures that we feel kind of like the crew of the USS Enterprise, except we don’t get nearly as much green alien action, and we are WAY too smart to drink the Romulan ale.  Here’s a little update.

In addition to working on her tattoo shop, Sarah has appeared at two shows in Western New York, which means that she has been sewing and painting and playing with clay at all hours of the day and night.  Take a peek at some of the goodies, several of which will be appearing in her shop for your CyberMonday shopping pleasure!



Cindy, meanwhile, has been wrangling first graders and running races AND attending the opening night of a gallery in which her work is prominently featured, so much so that she got to sign the wall.  Judging by the picture – one of my all-time favorites – I don’t think anyone has ever enjoyed writing on a wall more.



Finally, I have been gearing up for a show at the Indiana State Museum, and by “gearing up,” I mean “setting off art bombs in my house”:



Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who does windows and art bombs, so he saved me by cleaning up MY mess, which also allowed me to keep working:



To find out what’s available after our shows and gallery galas, come back and see us on CyberMonday, when we’ll have specials abounding!



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