Bridesmaid of Frankenstein and The Empress of Eyeliner: Free Digital Stamps

You know, we hear all kinds of things about the Bride of Frankenstein, but what’s a bride without at least one supportive friend in an terrible dress?  From this year’s list of 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored, here’s Number 44: Bridesmaid of Frankenstein.

Bridesmaid of Frankenstein_wonderstrange


And now, I have to get serious for a moment.  Here at wonderstrange, we have two artists who are in different stages of recovery.  Sarah  abused eyeliner as a young woman; Cindy Jo abuses it even now.  I’m still proud to call both of them my friends, even if Cindy isn’t ready to admit she has a problem yet.  In Cindy Jo’s honor, here’s #47: Trying to Quit.


Empress of Eyeliner_wonderstrange

P.S.  Let’s be clear: That’s not Cindy.  Cindy’s not trying to quit.  Besides, she will probably have a few words to say about my eyeliner technique, which is nonexistent.



  1. Every day it gets a little easier.

    That bridesmaid looks like how I felt at the one and only wedding I've bridesmaided.

  2. I'm with Cindy. You can have my black eyeliner when you pry it from my cold, dead, reanimated zombie hands. (And I'll still have supercool lined eyelids after my eyeballs are dangling seductively by their optic nerves.)

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