Birds of a Feather and “I’m Eating WHAT?!”: Free Digital Stamps

They say birds of a feather flock together – and thank God they’re right, because everyone needs a tribe, even pigeons in Viking hats!  Actually, I like to imagine that this is sort of what my husband and I looked  like when we first set eyes on each other, two odd little birds instantly lovestruck   And ready to invade Greenland.

That homage to love was inspired by our list of 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored: 2012 Edition, from which I picked “Birds in Hats” (Number 47) and “Man Bites Dog” (Number 92), or in this case, Man Bites Soy . . . and immediately wonders why.


As usual, click on each image to see it full size, right click and save, then resize and print away!





Be sure to check back on Friday, when I’ll show you how to get major raves with a grocery bag and a digi set.  Want a sneak peek?  Here goes!




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  1. Danielle

    Thanks so much for sharing the freebies… and for the sneak peek. I will have to remember to check back on Friday!

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