Batman, the Joker, and the Dentist to the Damned: Free Digital Stamps

From our list of 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored, we have two very emotional moments this week.  First, we have The Joker, mourning both the discontinuation of his favorite hypoallergenic face make-up AND the Batman’s relative indifference to his crisis, also known as Batman and the Joker Go to Counseling (#50):


Batman and Joker Go to Couples Counseling_wonderstrange

Next in, we have the Dentist to the Damned.  And let’s be honest: it’s stressful to go to the dentist, even when you’re accustomed to the tortures of hell:


Dentist to the Damned_wonderstrange


Come see us tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow for pictures, fat-free double peanut butter cheesecake surprise, and new make-up tips from The Joker.  P.S. The surprise is that it’s not fat free!





  1. Meh.

    I love how batman is just like: Urghhh. Why do I have to be Batman?
    PS: love the weird sort-of creepy style of the drawings!

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