1. Chris (LadyEditor)

    Was quite a surprise to see the bad puppet. Boy, does he look "bad". Big, big Grin. Still don't know what to think about the cereal killer. SIGH…must be getting old. I happen to like cereal for breakfast. Oh well. Thanks for the graphics. They are too cool.

    • I love cereal for breakfast, too, Chris! Personally, I think the cereal is playing dress-up in a last-ditch effort to cheer up the eggs I can't eat on my current diet. He's saying, "Hey! Eggs! She can't eat the butter, either, but you don't see the butter crying!"

  2. cindyjob

    LOL Chris…the bad puppet is way sweeter than the first version I drew 😀
    Ann, I love cereal and the cereal killer…he rocks!

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