Living With Art – A Girl’s Perfect Bedroom

Well HELLO there!  Long time no see!

I’m swooping in to do a guest post on Living With Art because I’m currently in the midst of a huge room remodel, and the entire room is pretty Living-With-Art-centric.  Here we are, flaunting child labor laws and constructing new walls:



My daughter, as you can tell by her swanky pants, is SUPER into pink. Because of this, we agreed to paint her walls pink.  I used some bubblegum pink paint, some red paint, and some white paint to get a color I’m affectionately terming “raspberry beret” because it looks like raspberry sorbet.  The kind you’d find in a second-hand store.  Plus naming the walls of a 7-year-old’s room after a song written by a notorious sex machine is amusing to me.  I can’t help it.

I have some super subtle clouds on one of the walls of my living room, and Druzie absolutely LOVES them, so I gave her clouds.




Here, have some closeups!

This is the wall by one of the doors (there are two… turning a house with two apartments into a single-family residence comes with its own trials and tribulations):

I made those clouds by swooping with a sea sponge.  Easy-peasy!!  This is the door that’s next to that wall – it will eventually have a happy little guy on it:

This little nook will hold her princess bed (it has curtains and everything – we actually bought it for her a couple of years ago for Christmas and dumped her in it in the middle of the night so that she woke up confused and overjoyed):

That big black rectangle is actually chalkboard paint, and it will eventually be framed out with moulding:

All of her walls aren’t pink-fluffy-cloudy – we left the opposite side of the room white so that she can hang art and posters.  I’m also planning on hanging clusters of Chinese lanterns and crocheted flowers from the corners.  There will also be a crocheted flowery valance over her window.  I’m teaching her to crochet right now, so maybe I’ll put her to work:

The floor obviously isn’t complete yet (it will be covered with that snap together fake wood laminate stuff), so I painted her name in her bed-nook, which probably made her happier than anything else so far.  Ahh, kids.

My plans for the next few weeks include:

  • Finishing the floor
  • Finishing the painting on the door
  • Finding a hot pink shag rug
  • Crocheting poufs for the floor
  • Moving her back in

The poor girl has been living in a room that’s not a room for the last six months or so, ever since Yellowjackets ate through her ceiling (seriously.  It was horrifying).  The plan is to get this finished in the next few weeks so that she can move back in and we can start remodeling my art area, which needs to be done DESPERATELY.  I’ll share more pictures along the way (and give Ann a Friday break in the process!!)