Candy Corn Halloween Party: Adorable Felt Monsters to Make Your Life Complete

I get ridiculously excited when Halloween comes around. Of course I love the costumes and the skulls everywhere and old ladies dressing like Elvira, but what I really love is candy corn. I specifically love indian corn, the ones with the brown butts, but any candy corn will do. So, for this most corny of holidays, I’m offering a candy corn stuffy/feltie pattern. You can use the pattern to make boring candy corn or you can use the pattern to make yourself a pair of party-goers, a devil and an angel. Maybe they can sit on your shoulder and whisper virtues and vices into your ears! (more…)


WIP Wednesday

Howdy and welcome to the first ever WIP Wednesday, a chance to get a sneak peek at what’s getting worked up in wonderstrange studios and mad scientist laboratories! Firstly and excitingly, Ann is TEACHING A WORKSHOP!!  She’s hard at work finishing up the final details, but it starts September 19th, and Read more…


T-Shirt Upcycling Part Two – Guerrilla Screenprinting

Once upon a time there was a princess with a dream. She dreamed of wearing nothing but custom T-shirts, constantly adorned with odd designs and sarcastic proclamations. In order to make this dream come true, our fair princess priced a complete screen printing setup and nearly fell into a 50-year swoon at the price. It was pretty steep even on a princess’s salary. She went through a period of making stencils for her shirts with freezer paper and an X-Acto knife and ended up with awesome shirts with a side of carpal tunnel. Finally, she made a wish on a magic frog (or maybe Google), learned of Mod Podge screen printing, and lived happily ever after. (more…)


Tea Time: Alice in Wonderland Art Display

Everyone knows someone who loves Alice.  Go Ask Alice, she’ll tell you, 10 feet tall or not.

Vague references to psychedelic 60s rock aside, everyone really does know someone who wants to live in Wonderland.  I, myself, want to live in Wonderland, but I still know at least 10 people who would undoubtedly sell a kidney to join me.  As this week’s Christmas in July offering, we’ll make 4 x 4 Eat Me/Drink Me art pieces and create a bizarre ledge to display them! (more…)

Eye Heart Potholders

T-Shirt Upcycling Part One: T-Shirt Yarn

I don’t know what it is about the mating habits of T-shirts, but they seem to multiply faster than rabbits.  Possibly even faster than bacteria. I could abandon my relatively comfortable life and embark  on a quest to educate the humble T-shirt on various methods of contraception, but instead I’m going to cut them up and do a three-part series of upcycling tutorials.  Way easier and probably way less awkward.