Fifth Friday Contest Winner!

The random gods have spoken and have found Robin Burgeson worthy of their love!  Robin, I have messaged you through facebook, so either respond there with your address or send an email to, and I will send it out swiftly!




Thanks for playing, everyone!  We’ll have another giveaway next time Five Fridays sneak into a month!


FIFTH FRIDAY CONTEST! Ugly monster necklace

Contest is closed!  Thanks for playing! 😀

Welcome to Fifth Friday!  You have to love a month where there are five Fridays and maybe three paychecks if you are lucky enough.  In honor of Fifth Friday, we’re having a contest!!

All you have to do is comment on this post, and we’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner.  The contest ends on Wednesday, September 5th, which just happens to be Ann’s birthday.   We’ll post the winner here on Thursday, September 6th, which just happens to be MY birthday.  It’s  a big week!  If you pimp our contest on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or any other social media-type thing (Myspace?  Does anyone still use Myspace?), tell us in another comment and you’ll get another entry.  EasyPeasy!

Your prize is an Ugly Monster necklace (which you’ll find more of in my shop next month).  Ugly monsters need love too!  The pendant has been hand sculpted and painted then hung from a silk cord, which is adorned with glass seed beads, a paper bead, a glass skull, and copper wire.  It’s finished off with a gunmetal chain and lobster clasp.  The chain/cord measures approximately 24 inches, and the monster is 3 inches horn tip to horn tip.



WIP Friday

That’s right kids, we’re bringing the WIP back.  But not the same as it was before – we’re going to do actual step-by-step WIPs, videos, etc., so if you’d like to see something specific, let us know in the comments here!!

This week we’re all recovering from the visit last weekend and Cindy’s big birthday bash, I’m dealing with emotional trauma and a wedding where my family makes up most of the wedding party, and Ann’s in-laws are in town.

Suffice to say, we’re not getting much art done, but we have lots of awesome planned in the weeks/months to come!  In the meantime, check out a picture of  my husband doing his best Jack Nicholson impression as he busts through our kitchen wall from the future home of Wonderstrange Tattoo:

Until next week, you little weirdos!




Monstrous Grilled Cheese and Itty Bitty Hero: Free Digital Stamps

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to the word around the FaceBooks, but, since we’re not popular enough for a flock of camera-wielding admirers to be following us around and documenting our every move, I’m sure you’re not.  This weekend we all got together in the middle of nowhere and spent days making art and boozing it up like Hemingway while probably sleeping less than an insomniac freebasing Five Hour Energies.  That’s why I’m posting digis at 3 in the afternoon rather than 3 in the morning like usual and why you’re “winning” the “lottery” and getting me again this week instead of Ann.  The “lottery” in this case being the one invented by Shirley Jackson where the “winner” gets to get rocks thrown at her until she dies.  CONGRATULATIONS!  *confetti*

With that out of the way, we have two more offerings from our 100 things to draw when you’re bored list version 2.0!

First off we have a teeny tiny super hero (number 32).  CEEEEEEEYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUUUUTE!  He’s gonna GET YOU with that cotton swab, look out!  Woodgie woodgie!

And on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, we have a monstrous grilled cheese (number 85).  At one point over the weekend it was determined that I may be the queen of food with a face, and, even after drawing many pages of sweets and savories duking it out, this is probably my favorite food with a face EVER.  Come and GET ME – I have a bowl of tomato soup with your name on it, Mr. Sammich!

As usual, click on the images to open them full size, resize and print as needed, rinse and repeat!

Thanks for hanging in there with me and my tardiness to the partiness, lovely strangers!