1. I would like you to know that the following is possibly one of the most brilliant, astute, and resoundingly true things I have read in a long time:

    "[F]eeling really clever, I carried this thing with me everywhere and called it my Progress Notes. That entire year, I made no progress. I would write until my eyes blurred then I’d get up in the afternoon, read it, and then get pissed off all over again. It was a burden, all those detailed memories. Nothing ever faded into obscurity. Nothing dimmed with time. The pain remained continually fresh. Once I stopped journaling like that, I was able to accept and move on. I think that’s the reason we don’t all have photographic memories."

    Wow. Yes. This. There are some things – many things – we need to let fade, yet we can still chronicle our lives in specific ways without resorting to the hollow cliches of dreaming and flying. You have a noble mission here. I like it so very much! GREAT post!

  2. Errrrrrrmmmmm….I *want* to. I suck at 'journalling' (Like, my idea of anti-journallimg is just not journalling. LOL) I *have* a couple of books. We'll see how it goes. I commit to nothing (so as not to feel like a failure when it doesn't happen.)

  3. Sarah I used to use progress notes also I cant promise not to use self affirmative words but I am up for the challenge of play and all that jazz ANg

  4. Jess, of yore.

    Hey, are you confused, because you seem to be writing about MY life. I can't throw away those old journals but I can't bear to read them. Blechs. <3<3<3<3 Stuart Smalley ref, and especially that you used the Harold Ramis version.

    • OH man. I can't even tell you what a relief it was to get rid of all of those old journals. I was packing for a move and throwing a bunch of stuff away, as you do, and tossed them into the bag on a whim. I swear the angels started singing.

      ..and I absolutely <3 Stuart Smalley 😀

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