Angel Policy

We are delighted that you enjoy our images, which may be used to make all kinds of creations for yourself or in gifts for friends and family. The following policy applies to those who wish to sell items that incorporate our art.


This Angel Policy grants you limited license to create and sell original, handmade items using our images, also known as “line art” and “digital stamps.”   The items you create must be handcrafted, not reproduced mechanically or electronically, nor constructed through an assembly or production line process.  The images themselves may not be resold in either electronic or printed form, nor may they be used to create physical stamps of any type. Free line art may be shared freely; digital stamps purchased from wonderstrange may not be shared. WonderStrange Arts retains the copyright to all images. WonderStrange Arts must be credited with the following statement on all paper crafts and goods and wherever possible on other items: Artwork (C) WonderStrange Arts. Our images may not be used in logos, corporate identity packages, or branding for any other organization of any sort.


For separate and/or broader licensing arrangements, please contact