Afro Poe and Citrus Junkie – Free Digital Stamps

Hello, Internet, my love.  It’s almost Valentine’s day, and you know what that means… It’s time for more free lineart from our 100 things to draw when you’re bored list.  You know that’s what Saint Valentine was actually doing before all that messy dying.


Firstly, we have a citrus junkie (number 23).  She doesn’t have any enamel left on her teeth, but there is NO CHANCE she’s going to get scurvy, so that’s something!




And finally, we end this week’s selections with a portrait of Edgar Allan Poe in a rainbow afro wig (number 87).  You’ll have to use your power of imagination to see the rainbow.  And taste the rainbow.





As usual, click on the image to open it up full size, right click to save onto your computer, and you’re all set to resize and print as you wish!





  1. shuckclod

    The citrus junkie makes my teeth hurt 🙁 Poe has been a favorite of you Ladies, but I notice him more lately because of the Following on FOX. It is really good so far. Thank you for the new ones.

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