Add to Our List of “100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored – 2013 Edition”

When we started WonderStrange, we had no idea that our annual list of “100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored” would be the most popular kid at the WonderProm.  Heck, the first year, we didn’t even get it a corsage.  In 2013, however, we’re springing for a limo and a four-pack of wine coolers, and YOU get to be part of the fun!


Here are the 100 things we hatched from our heads for 2013.  Read it over (you know, so that you don’t offer duplicates), and then give us your suggestion(s) in the comment field below.  We’ll choose up to 10 suggestions to add to the list.  If we choose yours, you can have your choice of two free digis from our digital stamp shop OR $5 off a purchase from the WonderStrange shop!  Zowie wowie!


  1. Lazy Robot
  2. Angry Animals
  3. The Worst Sandwich
  4. Embarrassing Grandmas
  5. Almost Humans
  6. Girl Ain’t Right
  7. Fez-Mania
  8. Major Douche Bag
  9. Disjoined Twins
  10. Dirty Pirates
  11. Bun Heads
  12. Pizza Pants
  13. Game Day
  14. Whine and Roses
  15. 50 Shades of Strange
  16. All the Better to see you with my dear
  17. Snow Not-So-White
  18. Cinderella’s new shoes
  19. Monsters on Stilts
  20. Carnies
  21. Sideshow Barb
  22. Attack of the Accountants
  23. Flea Circus
  24. Death’s New Job
  25. Elevator Flatulence
  26. Citrus Junkie
  27. Food Fight Club
  28. Caterpillar Girl
  29.  Martini Bath
  30. Cute Zombie
  31. Scary Teddy Bear
  32. Birthday disaster
  33. Flying Monkeys find love
  34. Parasites in party hats
  35. Vegetables play dress up
  36. Adorable demon
  37. Tuna surprise
  38. Romeo & Juliet go skydiving
  39. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  40. Coffee deprived
  41. Pulling a hat out of a rabbit
  42. BFFs
  43. They met on the internet
  44. Friends don’t let friends . . . (wear plaid pants, drive naked, drunk dial the President, etc.)
  45. Killer whale
  46. Knitting diva
  47. Caught on tape
  48. Bridesmaid of Frankenstein
  49. Better with bacon
  50. T-rex goes vegan
  51. Ginger vs. Mary Ann
  52. Trying to quit
  53. Dentist to the Damned
  54. Awkward proposal
  55. Batman & The Joker go to counseling
  56. You’re not leaving the house in that
  57. Forgotten presidents
  58. The next morning
  59. Disney-inspired Drag Princesses
  60. RedRum
  61. Runaway Bride
  62. Evil Unicorn
  63. We’re NOT twins
  64. Conjoined Clowns
  65. Bad to the Bone
  66. Second runner up
  67. Motherly Matador
  68. Cyber Stalker
  69. Annoying hipster
  70. Co-ed prison debate team
  71. Bowling with Food
  72. Allergic to everything
  73. Dancing with the Planets
  74. Baby New Year
  75. Christmas Crackers
  76. Pet Shop Boy
  77. Bar Fly
  78. Cupid vs Krampus
  79. Sushi gone bad
  80. Belly Dancing for beginners
  81. Seven Deadly Sins
  82. Your worst nightmare
  83. Pet Peeves
  84. Mad Scientist Beauty Shop
  85. Today’s Bizarre Holiday
  86. Pope in a poodle skirt
  87. Shakespeare doing rhythmic gymnastics
  88. Zombie head games
  89. Morning routine
  90. Get Well Soon, Dracula!
  91. Apples vs. Oranges
  92. My Favorite Darwin Award
  93. Recast Grease with a variety of oils
  94. A Portrait of ____ in a Rainbow Afro Wig
  95. A Pile of Dead Presidents
  96. Reasons to Avoid Children
  97. Space Invaders in Disguise
  98. Germ Warfare
  99. Hangover Barbie
  100. Professional Wrestler Gone to Seed




  1. Joe's Lines

    What I found at the back of the refrigerator
    The four [bunnies? monkeys? kittens?] of the Apocalypse
    Corporate mascots gone bad
    8th grade dance horrors
    One drink too many
    Unsexy vampires
    Aunt Ethel's secret

  2. Randy

    Peanut Butter's Revenge
    Desperate House fly's
    Snorkel for Dollars
    The opposite of opposite
    Gladiator Mascara
    The ever expanding universe has to buy new pants.
    If electrons were sure, but not positive.
    Random acts of blindness
    Evolution — with half the fat.
    Wish upon some tar.

  3. Connie

    I got nothing. But I love the list. And Randy…..Desperate House Flys. …that one just conjures images!

  4. Marykay

    Walking dead head…
    Walking bed head…
    Twerpy tenant ..
    Old school zombies..
    Your brain on eggs..
    Fairy tall hobbit

  5. Kait

    10 reasons I'm afraid of the desk lamp
    it's following me, I swear!
    why is Jack in a box?
    duck tape can fix anything
    …or not
    finger puppets of doom
    hey that's my shoe!

    I really don't know… I was looking around my room for ideas and this is what I came up with. (No, I do not have all of these things in my room XP)

  6. summer

    pencil on wheels
    tools that talk
    drunk teacher
    ghost collage
    neat freak Dracula
    vampire that eats garlic

  7. summer

    why vampires cant go in the sun
    "what's wrong with you?"………. "a lot of things."
    psyco paper towels
    what will Justin Bieber look like in 2021?
    Juliet eats Romeo!
    dog/cat person

  8. Jase

    drunk paper towels on window
    Romeo eats Juliet!
    a dog eating cat card of Elvis Presely bald
    what will Selena Gomez look like in 2023
    psyco boxes
    a picture of spider-mans skeleton
    a picture of a clown on a box

  9. kit

    something beautiful
    Something ugly
    Barbie gets a tattoo
    Flying animals
    The mad haters new hat
    3 blind mice go shopping

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