Abraham Lincoln as a Bat and a Girl as a Tree: Free Digital Stamps

We’ve all heard of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Okay, maybe we haven’t all heard of it.  For those who hadn’t heard of it until this exact moment, it was a book that came out in 2010, and a couple of years later, it became a movie that didn’t do very well.  The point is that Abraham Lincoln as a vampire hunter is a thing.  So!  For our list of 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored, we made “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire” a thing.  In point of fact, it’s thing #52.  And here it is:


Abraham Lincoln as a Vampire_wonderstrangeFor the next one – “Birdhouse in Your Soul” (#67), which is of course a wonderful love song about a night light by They Might Be Giants – I had in mind an image of a pretty girl.  Instead, a kind of a sad girl came out of my pencil, and she had tree parts.  What am I supposed to do, fight with my own pencil?



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  1. Never fight your pencil. It's a useless waste of time. For they art pointy, and do not care for your idea of how things *should* be. (It sounds better with the dragon stuff, but that doesn't really fit this situation. ROFL)

  2. I about fell off my chair this morning when I looked at the Abe stamp. I FINALLY got around to watching that movie last night!

    …it's almost as if the fates were stalking me. Got a real kick out of the Mad Hatter twist though! 😀

    Awesome work!

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