A visit from Krampus and Ballerina’s Lunch: Free Digital Stamps by Cindy Jo

First things first:  CONTEST!  If you like making stuff with digital stamps and want a chance to win a whole lot of Wonderstrange Digis, then you should definitely check out our contest HERE.


Second things second, I can hardly believe we are 98% DONE with our 100 things to draw when you are bored list for 2012, but it seems we are. If I did not own a calendar, I would know it anyway because some of these last few were obvious picks for the holiday season and a couple were ones that I was avoiding for reasons I’ll not burden you with here. So this week I took one of each!


The Krampus is pretty much my favorite yuletide buddy.  In case you don’t know who he is, he’s a figure from Germanic legend who  suffers no naughty children, and since I am an elementary school teacher who is busy trying to survive the weeks before winter break, I appreciate that. A lot. Gruss Vom Krampus may be an intimidating chap, but he is not an ill-mannered party guest so here he is with a bundt cake. Personally I prefer a slice of lemon loaf over a whiny kid any day so if he shows up at your house and offers this trade…give it some consideration.


A ballerina gets VERY tired spinning around in jewelry boxes all day, so she also gets pretty hungry.  Until she is in her mid twenties, she gets to eat actual food instead of living on black coffee, lettuce, and resentment. You can print this gal with or without the lunch she will only dream of… at least until you shut that stinking lid and she can stop twirling.




If you want a fun idea for a cool Christmas craft then check right back here on Friday ! That is the day after Krampus Night so if we survive unscathed, we’ll be hooking you up!


Also, did you forget to check out the contest?  You shouldn’t.  Contests rule.


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