A Very Bad Dancer and a A Young Woman Scorned: Free Digital Stamps

You know, it’s not every week that you can get two free digital stamps just by visiting wonderstrange.  Oh wait.  It is!  And this week, we are offering two more selections from our 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored!   Just click on each image below, then save them onto your computer.  Easy peasy!

Ringing in at Number 42 on our list is “Bad Dancer.”  Personally, I feel incredibly fortunate to be married to a man who can dance, because really, who wants to walk in on a man doing this in his tighty whities?  *Shudders*



Meanwhile, now that my son has started Skypeing with a girl (?!), I have been thinking a lot about my own adolescent dating, which can be neatly summarized with almost no verbs:  First, the juggling of the boys.  Next, the juggling of the voodoo dolls.  Last, the eating of the Doritos, the Cheetos, and the large chocolate sheet cake with my BFF.  Who didn’t like chocolate.  (Just kidding.  There were four of us, and we all loved chocolate.)  As an homage to youth, here’s Number 37, “Juggling Something Unexpected.”



Be sure to come back and see us on Friday, when Sarah is going to post another super cool pattern!  (What’s that?  You missed the last two super cool patterns?  Good thing they are right here  and over here for your crafty enjoyment!)




  1. I just wanted to let you, my 2 boys (8-14) have been having a blast drawing things off your 100 things to draw. They wanted me to let you know they like this years list better than last years. I saw a book about a month ago and it was a bound book with pretty much blank pages with little tiny printing on the bottom of each page with what to draw and it was $21.00. Totally Crazy!! You guys could have been RICH, and they didn't even need to be artist like you folks. I

    • That comment just made my day! You can tell them that Cindy's students made last year's list, while we made this one. (Hey, maybe we are smarter than a fifth grader! 😉 ) Anyway, those sound like two very awesome boys. If they feel like sharing, we'd love to see some of their work!

  2. cindyjob

    That is ten kinds of awesome and you are a smart Mom for not forking over 21 dollars for a book like that!! We figure we only need to sell like a million digi stamps each to get rich though so we are working on that!

  3. shuckclod

    Thank you for these two.. I looked at the list and can't wait for #53. I love animals but morbid stuff too.

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