A Sad Beanie Baby and a Mad Old Man: Free Digital Stamps

Here are two (not very) secret and not very related facts about me: 1) I love everything about the movie Alien and all of its successors; and 2) I am incredibly happy whenever I get to draw and color little old men.   If I could someday draw a very elderly Lance Henriksen duking it out with a chain gang of alien babies, I think I would probably explode from happiness.  But I digress.  In looking over our list of 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored, I decided that one of those aliens that interrupts dinner by exploding out of your chest would almost certainly be a Rejected Beanie Baby (#3).  As for Angry Old Man (#18), well, that one’s kind of self-explanatory.  Except you know.  Stay off his lawn.


Poor rejected chestburster!  Hey, you know who would give him a big hug?  WONDERSTRANGE!  We would even help him to nurture his tiny little chestburster soul with tutorials, free crochet and cross stitch patterns, and workshops.

We would do the same for you, even if this angry old man shook his arthritic fist at us.

Angry Old Man_wonderstrange




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