A Rowdy Royal and a Very Mean Shoe: Free Digital Stamps

If you’ve never read one of Napoleon’s letters to Josephine, you owe it to yourself to peruse one or two.  They’re, um, ardent.  Rumor even has it that he once wrote her and begged her not to bathe before his return – IN TWO WEEKS.  Now, I am not a girl who has to shower every 16.5 seconds to feel happy, but that is a long time to get a lot funky.  In honor of those rowdy royals (#95 from our list of 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored), here is poor Josephine, waiting Napoleon’s return in a cloud of her own filth:



(And here’s the good news about that digi.  If you take away the letter from Napoleon and the little flies, she makes a great image for any occasion that was survived – but barely.  Three kids down with the flu.  A slumber party in which no one was duct taped to the wall.  A sit-down Christmas dinner for 30.)


Number 11 on our list, meanwhile, is “When Shoes Attack.”  Here’s my theory: When shoes attack, they are vicious and bitey, and then they RUN AWAY REALLY FAST, because they are shoes.  Besides, I’m sure they don’t want to stain their Italian leather with all that pesky blood.



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