A Knitting Diva and a Motherly Matador: Free Digital Stamps

Most of the knitters I know make things for other people, but a true knitting diva will also find time to make things for herself – as well she should!  From our list of 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored, here are two versions of #42, Knitting Diva.  The first version has various brands of fancy-pants diva yarn already provided for you.  On the second version, you can supply your own (or not):


Knitting Diva_Brands_wonderstrange


Knitting Diva2_wonderstrange


For those who prefer slightly different uses for pointy implements, here’s #61, Motherly Matador.  I don’t think that’s a plate of warm cookies she’s hiding behind her back, but I guess you’ll have to charge her with your horns to find out.


Motherly Matador_wonderstrange


Come back tomorrow to see what we have behind our backs.