1. Kristin VanV

    Ahhhh, I LOVE your vids! You are SO so talented and your spirit just jumps off your canvases. This is gorgeous and I love the peeks of neon too. AND YES, I'm actually struggling with the daily AJ thing, considering stopping as I have so much else going on and my original thought was that it would be easy when in reality it's not. But like you, I don't actually ever give up, so I'm wrestling in my brain right now 😉 THANK You for this inspiration! xoxo

    • Thank you SO much, Kristin!! <3

      I completely emphathize with the brain-wrestling. You know, if I could remove the phrase, "oh I can TOTALLY find time for that.." from my vocabulary, it would probably help a lot! I try to cut myself some slack when I don't manage to finish some challenge I've inflicted on myself, but it never really works. I hope you have better luck! xoxo!

  2. Fabulous video! I loved watching this one evolve. Her cloud hair is totally cool, and it made me very happy to watch you get to play with your neon Goldens.

    I kind of can't believe I didn't feel the joygasm from here when you saw that stencil. A of all, anatomies. Number B, stencil. Sub-paragraph C, completely amazing.

    Killer work!

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