• Thank you! and thank you for posting this comment as I just realized I forgot to upload the video. hahah!

      I don't think they scare me as much as they baffle me, and I'm still baffled. 😉

      • Yay video! Look at your fancy fingernailses! <3

        It was very fun to watch this evolve. The white streaks really seemed to launch you into your final design. Did you know when you put them down? Or did you just instinctively build around them?

        Also, I always use glaze medium to make glazes. I never thought to buy glazes. Many convenience! (And I love that gross color, too. 😀 )

        • So fancy! They're Jamberry thingies and have taken SO much abuse over the last week. I'm super impressed!

          I had no plan at all, so instinctive, I guess. Or seat of my pants flying?

          The Silks glazes are made by the same company that makes Twinkling H2Os, so they're all fancy and shimmery. I'd stick to the glaze medium unless you want fancy and shimmery! 😀

  1. Awesome abstracts! Like colourful puffy candy clouds floating over a sad grey clown world, making things right again. That's what I saw in this piece. I'm right aren't I?

    Nicely done though! I too find abstracts ridiculously hard to pull off. I tried some recently for a swap on iATCs and they were so horridly ugly, I ripped them up and tossed them. I commend you for making a pretty abstract that looks good!

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