1. Sarah or Ann or both of you… how about some stone monsters used in different ways? paperclay or polymer "river stones" and a whole beach of monsters or ANY large collection of garden pebble monsters… 😀

  2. TOTALLY fab! Totally love the black & white, the stripes! The little frame! And what a cute little fellow in there. He's got a story, I'd wager. Is he famous? Famous in his own mind? Talk of the town? Perhaps legendary, in certain circles. Someone knows. 😀

  3. Totally adorable creeper! He has such a sweet face, but it seems there's a bit of mischievousness to him….like stealing the rest of a grilled cheese sandwich.

    I have my idea, but the little one hasn't allowed me time yet to do it…. :-/

    Some suggestions I have are:
    *Alternate family portrait (like skelletons, a bowel of different fruit, or something else that represents family…no actual representations)
    *Finish/revamp am already started project
    *Create a monster
    *Illustrate a scene from a dream
    * Create something for someone else in mind

    ….at least there are a few. 🙂

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