My inner 12-year-old will never get tired of typing that.

Greetings!  This week it’s time to break out the colored pencils, chalk, pastels, graphite, charcoal, and whatever other dry mediums you have in your arsenal.  Like an overcooked chicken breast, keep it dry. I used Golden’s pastel ground to prime my canvas (with a bit of acrylic mixed in to give it color) and then went to town with colored pencils and PanPastels.


I actually started this canvas two weeks ago with the intention of turning it into a sketch journal with toned pages (which I will still do… not that I’ll have time to sketch in the next two months, so NO RUSH, RIGHT!?!?) for following along with SketchDailies on Twitter.


Fun little freaks.


PanPastels are great to use with stencils (and the whole reason I bought them).  They go on smooth and easy!


Just be sure to hit it with fixative.


They’re staring at you!

The thing I really like about colored pencil is the control, such a contrast from last week’s watercolor painting.

I’ll be back with another video/canvas on Sunday!  Two a week if it kills me! xo!



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