1. Gorgeous! She is so soulful!

    You make watercolor look both easy to work with AND adaptable – like when you wiped off and re-did the upper lip. I have to get rid of my mental block (and maybe watch this video five more times – LOL). Love the drips. Also love watching you develop and build up the layers of definition and shading on the nose and neck.

    The resist is beautiful! <3

    • Thank you!! <3

      I think watercolor is both easy to work with and adaptable… Once you get over the learning curve and stop expecting to be able to control it. Sometimes it's uncontrollable (once it dries! when it's wet it's pretty easy to control. Just grab a paper towel.. lol!) Just do it already. 😉

  2. So damn pretty! Be careful or your work is going to skew much more to the pretty! Sparkly neck design – so cool! You know I had the best intention to follow along the whole time, then life happened. But it's always so cool to watch the painting coming to life! (And maybe one day I will do a video. Aaaaaah.)

    I have to admit that beginning part was a bit of a nail-biter for me. She seems to be doing something. But what? White paint design… on white paper? What is happening? Wait, I bet it will add some subtle pattern later! It did! The color and splatter and patterning is terrific! I will admit the black design on the eyes is not my favorite part. Maybe because it so stark against the subtle, soft color of the rest. But overall, beautiful!

    Catch up! OMG. Maybe do a series of small paintings? Or did you hope to do all 8×10 or bigger? OH! Do another one of those super cool circus-y ones with the frames. If you are taking votes. Probably you aren't. LOL (Oh, and one more smile? Maybe? A monochromatic?) 😛

    • hahahha I adore you, you crackhead. <3

      I think I do the black to keep it from being too pretty. hahaha I do the heavy black eyes on all of my watercolor girls, so I assume that's what's going on. I don't know! I just like it!

      No no, I've been doing all sizes, so that's not much of a concern… I can't do another circusy one since I did that already! I will probably do another one though eventually just because it was fun.. plus I bought a big frame to make a mold out of so that I can do singles. OMG I NEED MORE HOURS.

      Okay a smile! this week!

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